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Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Posted by on Feb 14, 2014 in Botox, Injections, Juvederm, Non Surgical Beauty

When you are considering any form of non surgical cosmetic procedure it’s important to feel comfortable with what you are having done. The first time you attend a consultation can be daunting but it’s the chance for you to have all your questions answered and find out what course of treatment is right for YOU!

Over the past five years Advance has built up a great rapport with many of our clients and as a result they have been happy to share with us some of their initial concerns and reservations about having injection treatments done. Some are comical and some are more deep rooted, but our opinion is, if you don’t ask, you won’t know

Q. Is it permanent?

A. Oh how things have changed since the disastrous ‘Trout Pout’ incident some years ago….. The fillers we use will last anything from 9-18 months, but if you were really unhappy without your deep lines and folds they can be removed. Botox will wear off in time and isn’t permanent.

Q. Will it hurt?

A. It depends what you mean by ‘HURT’ – for fillers the skin is numbed down before injecting and for Botox it’s such a little tiny needle and the process is over very quickly.

Q. Will my other half notice?

A. This depends on how closely they examine your face! Botox takes anything from 3-14 days to take effect and it is not uncommon for people just to comment that ‘you look fresher’. Fillers is instant and immediately after treatment there may be some swelling but it goes down quite quickly. There is a chance you could bruise but this is usually minimal and if you take arnica capsules a few days leading up to treatment it can really help.

Q. My friend says I need Juvederm 4. Do you offer this?

A. Yes we do, but what one person needs may differ to what another person needs. This is why you will always be invited to attend a free consultation prior to starting treatment. This way the right product can be found for the results you want to achieve.

Q. I have had a consultation somewhere else and was told I need a lot more products that you have suggested, why is this?

A. At Advance we look at the results you want to achieve and work out a treatment plan based on this.

Q. Do you offer a payment plan?

A. Yes we do for courses of treatments over £600. This can be discussed at the time of your initial appointment.

Q. Do I have to come back for a review?

A. With Botox we invite you back two weeks after your first treatment with us. This allows us to gauge your prescription dose and monitor how well it has taken. There is no extra charge for this appointment.


To book your free consultation please call 01622 600020 or text 07849 845620 and we will call you back. Remember, we offer a down to earth approach to non surgical beauty treatments and are here to answer your questions. It really is ALL ABOUT YOU!


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Posted by on Oct 3, 2013 in Botox, Hyperhidrosis, Injections

Everybody sweats in some form or another, it’s a normal part of how our bodies regulate temperature. However, people with hyperhidrosis sweat in amounts far greater than needed to control their temperature. Of course, this may cause the person some distress or even embarrassment but there is a way to reduce this sweating and allow yourself to continue a normal life.

For some people hyperhidrosis may be linked to an underlying condition such as diabetes or an overactive thyroid gland. People with this condition produce a large volume of sweat meaning that the affected areas may be constantly damp. This may affect every day activities and make normal routine activities more difficult to carry out. This may also have a dramatic impact on the person’s social life. Excessive sweating does not necessarily mean that the person suffers from body odour. Body odour is in fact caused where the sweat remains where it is for an extended period of time.

If you suffer from excessive sweating and it is having affecting your life then book in for a free consultation to find out how Botox™ could help you and allow you to lead a more normal life.

01622 600020

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What can Botox Treat?

Posted by on Aug 11, 2013 in Botox, Injections

There is often a little confusion about what BOTOX™ can be used to treat. People often think that it is for the lines from the mouth to the chin but it is more commonly used around the eyes for frown lines, crow’s feet and the heavier lines on the forehead. But did you know that BOTOX™ can also be used to redefine the jaw line? You know, that part of the face that gives away age and naturally starts to sag a little. By injecting BOTOX™ along the jaw line and just under the chin can enhance the appearance giving you a much fresher look. This counts as two areas to be treated and prices can be found here. Treatment for BOTOX™ usually takes no more than a few minutes and all you feel is a little pin prick sensation and although you can return to your normal daily routine following a treatment you are advised not to lie down for about four hours.

So where else can we benefit from BOTOX™? People who suffer from sweating heavily under the arms (also known as Hyperhidrosis) which is usually caused by an overactive sweat gland have found that treatment with BOTOX™ stops this reaction. Thus allowing people to continue about their business in a normal manner without the fear of raising their arms. As BOTOX™ is a prescription only drug it should not be administered by a practitioner who isn’t medically qualified to prescribe. After having a treatment for the first time you should be invited back to attend a review appointment where a top up may be given to you to achieve the desired effect, usually this is at no cost to you. You should also be able to attend a free consultation to assess your suitability for treatment.

If you would like to find out more about BOTOX™ treatments in Maidstone, Kent or other anti-ageing injections such as Juvederm Ultra please call 01622 600020 – the down to earth approach to non surgical beauty treatments.

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