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What can Botox Treat?

Posted by on Aug 11, 2013 in Botox, Injections

There is often a little confusion about what BOTOX™ can be used to treat. People often think that it is for the lines from the mouth to the chin but it is more commonly used around the eyes for frown lines, crow’s feet and the heavier lines on the forehead. But did you know that BOTOX™ can also be used to redefine the jaw line? You know, that part of the face that gives away age and naturally starts to sag a little. By injecting BOTOX™ along the jaw line and just under the chin can enhance the appearance giving you a much fresher look. This counts as two areas to be treated and prices can be found here. Treatment for BOTOX™ usually takes no more than a few minutes and all you feel is a little pin prick sensation and although you can return to your normal daily routine following a treatment you are advised not to lie down for about four hours.

So where else can we benefit from BOTOX™? People who suffer from sweating heavily under the arms (also known as Hyperhidrosis) which is usually caused by an overactive sweat gland have found that treatment with BOTOX™ stops this reaction. Thus allowing people to continue about their business in a normal manner without the fear of raising their arms. As BOTOX™ is a prescription only drug it should not be administered by a practitioner who isn’t medically qualified to prescribe. After having a treatment for the first time you should be invited back to attend a review appointment where a top up may be given to you to achieve the desired effect, usually this is at no cost to you. You should also be able to attend a free consultation to assess your suitability for treatment.

If you would like to find out more about BOTOX™ treatments in Maidstone, Kent or other anti-ageing injections such as Juvederm Ultra please call 01622 600020 – the down to earth approach to non surgical beauty treatments.

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